Time Management I part 2: Achieving Your Goals a Day at a Time

Time Management I part 2: Achieving Your Goals a Day at a Time15.05.2024 13:00 - 15:30 (Wed)OnlineDr. Marlies Klamt

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 For doctoral researchers and postdocs of all disciplines.


Objectives and Content

Achieving Your Goals a Day at a Time: Effective Weekly and Daily Planning

  • You will be introduced to two methods of weekly planning
  • You will then choose one and write a weekly plan that is based on your priorities and helps you to stay focused
  • You will also learn how to make your weekly planning more realistic by considering the unforeseen
  • You will also learn a technique that helps you plan your week in advance with your doctorate although you might need a lot of flexibility


Further Information

For workshops held online, participation is allowed under the following conditions: a working camera that is turned on and a microphone to allow active participation in discussions and group work. Headphones must also be used to protect other participants from office eavesdroppers. In this context, we would also like to refer to the rules for digital courses at Freie Universität Berlin (Code of Conduct).


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Dr. Marlies Klamt