Scrum23.05.2024 14:00 - 17:00 (Thu)online Dr. Saladin, Sina
Before booking a workshop, please make sure that you can attend for the entire duration.


For doctoral researchers of all disciplines. This workshop will be held as a complementary breakout session for the workshop Project Management for researchers. It will be held by the same instructor. Separate registration is required if you wish to participate in both events.



This three hour breakout session provides an adaptation of the Scrum project management framework. This highly interactive session offers an alternate framework on how to manage projects with a high level of uncertainty.



As part of the agile manifesto, some elements of scrum translate very well for use in academic research. With the focus on a clear team organisation and transparent communication, scrum often results in significant time savings and is designed to be structured but flexible. Participants will get an introduction to the scrum framework and how to translate this to the research setting. During different group exercises participants will build scrum teams to organize a sprint and practice more scrum elements by using a free available online project management platform tailored for scrum.


Further Information

A workshop on Project Management for researchers will be held by the same instructor, starting May 4, 2024 (separate registration is required).

Ten days before the breakout session participants are asked to fill out an online survey. These information will define the level of the workshop set-up, the selection of topics and exercises. Participants will receive a short feedback before the first training day.


If there are free spots, we also allow postdocs to participate.


For workshops held online, participation is allowed under the following conditions: a working camera that is turned on and a microphone to allow active participation in discussions and group work. Headphones must also be used to protect other participants from office eavesdroppers. In this context, we would also like to refer to the rules for digital courses at Freie Universität Berlin (Code of Conduct).



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Dr. Sina Saladin