Research Integrity: Research Data - online

Research Integrity: Research Data - online06.02.2024 10:00 - 12:00 (Tue)onlineDr. Zschache, Elisabeth

Before booking a workshop, please make sure that you can attend for the entire duration and save the dates. When participants do not show up or cancel on a very short notice, other interested parties are denied a chance to participate.


Doctoral researchers of all disciplines of the Berlin University Alliance.


 In this session, we have a closer look on dealing with research data. What is research data? How should it be stored? Which problems do arise by dealing with data? What are your best practice examples? The sessions aims to help you handle your research data in an ethical sound way.

Besides some basic information on the topic, we will mainly focus on cases. Participants are invited to bring your own cases which will be discussed confidentially using the method of collegial consultation.


Please note:

To make the most out of this event, it is important that a safe and transparent atmosphere is created. We ask that you maintain discretion about the topics discussed and to attend the online meeting in an appropriate environment, preferably at a place where you will not be disturbed. If you happen to be in a room where other people are present, make sure to use headphones to maintain confidentiality. Furthermore, we ask you to make sure that your internet connection is stable, so that you can turn on your video and participate actively. As sensitive topics might be discussed, it creates a more trusting environment, if everybody agrees to show their faces.


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Dr. Elisabeth Zschache