Difficult Talks: Managing Problems - online

Difficult Talks: Managing Problems - online07.12.2023 13:00 - 15:30 (Thu)onlineWichert, Amanda



For doctoral researchers and postdocs of all disciplines.

Objectives and Content

This workshop is part of the new Dahlem Research School Podcast Series Season 2.

Approaching colleagues or supervisors about potentially challenging issues can be stressful. We often find ourselves trying to accept aspects of our workplace - a lack of feedback, confusing expecations, or incompatible communication styles - in order to avoid the stress of navigating a tough conversation. Learn how to manage stress around communication, prepare for and structure difficult chats, and explore how to present your workplace needs in a clear and easy to understand way.


  • How do I manage the stress of approaching a colleague or supervisor with a problem?
  • Why is it important to address workplace conflicts? When should I be open to talking about issues?
  • How can I prepare for and structure what I want to say? How can I approach other effectively?




Before attending this workshop, we invite you to give the podcast episode a listen. You can find it here:




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Amanda Wichert