Navigating the Academic Job Market in Germany - online

Navigating the Academic Job Market in Germany - online24.10.2023 13:00 - 15:00 (Tue)onlineWichert, Amanda


For doctoral resarchers of all disciplines.

Objectives and Content

This workshop is part of the new Dahlem Research School Podcast Series Season 1.

In this workshop, we are going to talk about the academic job market in Germany and how it differs from the international market.

Amongst other things, we are going to answer the following questions:

  • What makes the German job market so unique? How does it differ from the job market outside of Germany? 
  • What differences are there in typical career paths for PhDs in Germany and abroad? 
  • How do rules and regulations on labor in Germany affect the job market and the hiring process? How might this differ from the international job market?


Before attending this workshop, make sure to give the podcast episode a listen. You can find it here:


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Amanda Wichert