The Job Search: What's out there? - online

The Job Search: What's out there? - online25.05.2023 13:00 - 15:30 (Thu)LounjeeWichert, Amanda


For all doctoral candidates and postdocs of all disciplines


Objectives and Content

This workshop is part of the new Dahlem Research School Podcast Series Season 1.


The Job Search: What’s Out There?

  • How is the job market structured? How can I find out the types of jobs that people with my skill set or educational background hold both in Germany and in the international job market? 
  • Where do employers post jobs? What role does networking play? How can I best refine my search for open positions in my field? 
  • How do I find the “hidden positions” and when should I send an unsolicited application? What net-working strategies exist to help me better connect with potential employers? 
  • How should I interpret job postings? What do employers really mean – both in Germany and in the international market - and what are key words to watch for? How can I tell which requirements I really need to have?


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Before attending this workshop, make sure to give the accompanying podcast episode a listen. You can find it here:

Amanda Wichert