Presenting with confidence: Work on Body, Voice and Charisma - online

Presenting with confidence: Work on Body, Voice and Charisma06.12.2022 09:00 - 16:00 (Tue)onlineStearns, Julie

Before booking a workshop, please make sure that you can attend for the entire duration and save the dates. When participants do not show up or cancel on a very short notice, other interested parties are denied a chance to participate.


For doctoral candidates of all disciplines.


This workshop is about presenting convincingly in scientific and non-scientific contexts and getting to the point of one's own core messages. Participants will learn how to gain the interest of their audience and keep their attention. The focus is on active exercises in body language, vocal expression and personality. Participants learn how to use their breath, the effect of their voice and non-verbal language as supporting elements for a strong performance. Based on this, a quick-witted handling of critical questions can be trained. Individual feedback makes one's own potential visible, strengthens one's self-image in appearance and thus the confident effect in the outside world.


  • Performance skills - what does that actually means?
  • Supporting the intention of the performance through linguistic clarity
  • Arousing and keeping the interest of the audience
  • Using breath, body language and voice consciously
  • A coherent self-dramatisation
  • Input in short presentations
  •  Individual and small group exercises
  • Individual feedback
  • Peer exchange


 If there are free spots, we also allow postdocs to participate.

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Julie Stearns