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Research Integrity: Brilliant Idea - Successful Proposal - online24.01.2023 13:00 - 17:00 (Tue)onlineLiedtke, Bettina
Welker, Bertram
Research Integrity: Brilliant Idea - Successful Proposal - online25.01.2023 09:00 - 13:00 (Wed)onlineLiedtke, Bettina
Welker, Bertram
Research Integrity: Brilliant Idea - Successful Proposal - online26.01.2023 13:00 - 17:00 (Thu)onlineLiedtke, Bettina
Welker, Bertram

Target Group

For advanced doctoral candidates with little or no previous knowlege of third-party funding.


A good research idea does not automatically make a project proposal successful. Rather, a whole range of aspects of the proposal submission process determine whether a research project is funded or rejected. The better the applicants address these aspects, the better they can sell their ideas and set themselves apart from the mass of competing proposals. After the workshop participants know about basics of the German funding landscape and are enabled to write a high-quality proposal that meets the criteria of funding organisations.


  • key criteria for high-quality proposals
  • formal requirements and expectations of funding programs, especially the DFG's Walter Benjamin Program and the Postdoc Fellowships of the European Union (Marie Słokdowska-Curie Action)
  • key aspects of drafting and formulating proposals
  • linguistic peculiarities of research proposals
  • applying key aspects by writing a convincing abstract for a project proposal


Theoretical Input, plenary discussion, small-group exercises, developing case studies, change of perspective

Please note:

The workshop is offered in cooperation with Technische Universität Berlin, please register directly at 

Our Open Door Talk "What's Next, Doc? Funding Opportunities for Postdocs" provides general information on research funding:

If there are free spots, we also allow postdocs to participate.

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Bettina Liedtke, Bertram Welker