Selfmanagement for Early Career Researchers - online

Selfmanagement for Early Career Researchers - online02.05.2022 09:00 - 12:30 (Mon)onlineNeupert, Svenja
Selfmanagement for Early Career Researchers - online03.05.2022 09:00 - 12:30 (Tue)onlineNeupert, Svenja

Before booking a workshop, please make sure that you can attend for the entire duration and save the dates. When participants do not show up or cancel on a very short notice, other interested parties are denied a chance to participate.


For all doctoral candidates of all disciplines.


In this webinar, techniques and methods are presented on how to succeed in self-structured work on the doctoral thesis with motivation and productivity

Dealing with changing external conditions makes it difficult for many to maintain focus and design efficient work processes that can be individually tailored for different learning types and to accommodate individual attitudes to time and work.


  •  Self-management and self-organisation in turbulent times (motivation, discipline in the home office, spatial, temporal, emotional boundaries between work and leisure)
  • Mindset and mental techniques to focus and relax in times of stress and worries about the future
  • Basics of time management - practical planning of one's own dissertation according to the rules of time management
  • Setting priorities - the art of agile rescheduling
  • Productivity tips - achieving more in less time - the 4-hour day principles of order and simplification
  • The new hybrid forms of collaboration - tools that facilitate planning in teams and individually


This seminar includes a variety of interactive methods for individual reflection, pair exercises and group discussions.


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Svenja Neupert