Material crisis and loss of motivation during the doctorate?

Open Door Talk: Material crisis and loss of motivation during the doctorate?02.07.2024 17:00 - 18:30 (Tue)Dahlem Research School, Hittorfstraße 16, Room 004Dr. Doreen Forbrig, Dr. Klaus Wiehl


For doctoral researchers of all disciplines.


Objectives and Content

Doctoral studies come with a number of challenges. Perhaps these common challenges sound familiar to you? The material crisis, where either too little or too much data is available, is a fairly common problem. In addition, many doctoral candidates suffer a crisis of meaning and doubt the relevance of their own research. And, of course, low motivation can also occur.

In such situations, it can help to actively (re)shape your own doctoral project! In this Open Door Talk, we will present opportunities to use the funding provided by the Una Europa University Alliance for you and your doctoral project:

  • Establish contact to scientists at a partner university, conduct research together and overcome your material crisis through cooperation (funding: Una Europa Seed Funding).
  • Invite peers from partner universities to FU Berlin, expand your scientific network and gain new motivation (funding: Una Europa Early Career Host Program).
  • Take part in one of the numerous Una Europa Summer Schools and get a new perspective on the importance of your own research (Funding: Una Europa Summer Schools).


Further Information

 This event takes place in cooperation with Dr. Klaus Wiehl, Una Europa:



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Dr. Doreen Forbrig, Dr. Klaus Wiehl