Teaching in Large Classes

Teaching in Large Classes22.07.2016 09:00 - 17:00Dahlem Research School, Hittorfstr. 16Al-Kabbani, Daniel

Target Group

Postdoctoral fellows, junior research group leaders and junior professors


  • Describe how the shift from teaching to learning can be achieved also in large classes
  • Formulate learning objectives appropriate for lecture formats
  • Choose appropriate teaching learning activities in alignment to those objectives


Teaching large classes with 50 and more participants is everyday life at a university. But since didactics tell us that teaching is not the same as presenting, lecturing is often seen as inefficient and strenuous for students and teachers alike. In this workshop we will explore ways to make large class settings more beneficial for students and hopefully more fun for teachers.


  • Input from teacher
  • Reflective phase individually and in groups
  • Some teaching learning activities appropriate for large classes
  • Group work

Please note

Having attended introductory courses to teaching would be an asset but is not compulsory. You will be required however to read a text before the workshop.

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Petra Eggensperger