Voice and Speech - How to Discover the Potential of your Voice and Learn to Use it for your Life and Career

Voice and Speech23.01.2019 09:00 - 17:00009, International House, Ehrenbergstr. 26/28Völger, Ulrike


For doctoral candidates and postdocs of all disciplines.


  • Improved perception of your own voice and articulation
  • Discovery and development of the existing and often not fully used vocal capacity.
  • Improvement of body consciousness, posture and thus charisma.
  • Higher awareness of your own facial expressions, your gestures .The extension of your personal spectrum.
  • Development of a higher consciousness for rooms, listeners and at the same time the own speech tempo and the kind of conveyance.
  • Increasing assertiveness and courage to approach others and make important contacts. 
  • Empowerment of self-consciousness and awareness of the own features / assets
  • Ccongruence of professional competences, personality and presentation in daily life as well as in public speaking
  • Reflection of gender stereotypes and a better handling of female patterns in communication and presentation.


Definitions and exercises on the subjects:

  • posture and self-awareness of the body
  • abdominal breathing and dosage
  • personal pitch range, vocal tone, volume - way of speaking, modulation
  • facial expression, gesture
  • stage fright, charisma, spontaneity


  • individual analysis of strengths and potentials
  • practical exercises either with the group or individual theory
  • feedback of the trainer and the whole group in a protected atmosphere
  • inputs by trainer and handout


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Ulrike Völger